McDaniel’s Akhapedia File

Firstly, visitors to this blog are positively encouraged to comment below the articles posted here. I'd especially like to hear from anyone who's been involved with Matthew Duncan McDaniel, his Akha Heritage Foundation (AHF), Oregon Tall Ship Project or any of his many other activities. Several people from different countries donated to McDaniel and/or visited … Continue reading McDaniel’s Akhapedia File


Human Rights Activist, Akha Wife Charged With Child Abuse

This is perhaps the best article on the arrests of Matthew Duncan McDaniel and his Akha wife, Michu Uaiyue, in December 2017: https://www.statesmanjournal.com/story/news/crime/2018/01/11/polk-county-couple-akha-activists-accused-child-abuse-assault-matthew-mcdaniel-michu-uaiyue/1022988001/ McDaniel was arrested one year earlier in December 2016 for assaulting his teenage daughter. Initially, the charges were dropped when the daughter recanted her testimony. But during subsequent interviews at a "safe … Continue reading Human Rights Activist, Akha Wife Charged With Child Abuse

Mirror, Mirror On The Wall…

There's an awful lot on internet about NPD, narcissistic personality disorder. One article explaining tactics used by narcissists to get their way can be found here: https://pairedlife.com/problems/A-Narcissist-is-Capable-of-Great-Destruction Another article entitled "The Narcissist's Nightmare" is reposted here: An absorption with the self is a classic trait of narcissism. This absorption is total and not just the … Continue reading Mirror, Mirror On The Wall…

The Akha People of SE Asia

https://youtu.be/3YfaV2GTivU   The Akha people currently inhabit the hill country of SE Asia in the border region of northern Thailand, Myanmar's Shan State, northern Laos and southern Yunnan, China. They are one of several ethnically distinct hilltribe groups in the region. Ethnographic studies indicate the Akha people are of Tibetan origin and migrated through China … Continue reading The Akha People of SE Asia

“Human Rights” Weaponized

  "The Akha and Modernization Case Study: The Akha & Modernization; A Quasi Legal Perspective" is the title of an article published by Jonathan Levy on 5th December 2001, which happened to be the 74th birthday of Thailand's late King Bhumibol Adulyadej. The longish article can be found at this link: http://www.hartford-hwp.com/archives/54/226.html Towards the end … Continue reading “Human Rights” Weaponized

Symptoms of Socio-Cultural Decline

This blog has one central character - Matthew Duncan McDaniel. However, it's just as much, and possibly far more, about all those who've been impacted by his aberrant actions and behavior. And it's become apparent that other people's opinions about, and reactions to, McDaniel fall into three general categories: 1. A few people think he's … Continue reading Symptoms of Socio-Cultural Decline

McDaniel Attacks!

(Note: This article was compiled and written by another investigator. Minor corrections and editing were done by Paul Hunt.) McDaniel is certainly a prolific denizen of the internet, website user and blogger - sometimes incoherent, often illogical, but always prolific. However, anyone with the intestinal fortitude to tolerate McDaniel's fulminations for more than a few … Continue reading McDaniel Attacks!